Mural @ Wyong Hospital

Recently Maddy completed a mural for Wyong Hospital. The piece will be displayed in the hospital's emergency waiting room. 


The painting represents Katukalung, meaning Turtle in our local language, on a journey travelling through cultural sites under the ocean. Learning her obligations, responsibilities and learning from her country.

As Aboriginal people, we are taught to think from our gut. Our hearts can think with too much emotion and our heads can over think. This turtle's gut is where she holds all her knowledge and power, as she learns and travels, her gut grows bigger and bigger.

Part of learning our culture we learn about humility, respect and patience. Humility involves humbling oneself as a learner when it comes to understanding culture. I’ve learnt to listen without judgement and approach learning as a lifelong goal and process, as you never stop learning. I feel as I’ve opened myself to culture, I’ve grown to better understand myself and understand my
obligations to the Earth for a more sustainable way of life.

The Turtle in this artwork represents myself and my journey. It is important we recreate our cultural morals and stories through our art, songs and dance. So that we can maintain and continue our culture whilst keeping our own personal connection.