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  • Artist - Madeline Hope-Hodgetts
  • Title - Ngurruy Winya 
  • Materials - Acrylic on Linen
  • Size - H:91cm W:91cm D:4cm
  • Postage - POA or PICK UP
  • Orientation - Painted on sides and ready to hang 

This art tells a story of a site in Strickland State Forest, NSW.

The rock engraving site (Ancestral site) is of one of our main Creation Ancestor, along with some of our other Ancestral Beings. This place is part of a larger story that travels country. This place is connected to other nearby sites and places; each hold part of that story.

The Creation Ancestor is engraved into the rock, they put themselves there in that rock, while this might have happened in creation time, their physical images show themselves to us, to tells us that it is still here, still in this place and is here to teach us about our law. 

The engraved foot prints show the direction from which it travelled, while the other images tell us about the other places our ancestors travelled, what they did and the direction for us to go to move through country and towards the connecting sites and places where there is more of the story for us to learn.

The stories relate to ceremony, our connection to others along with the responsibility and obligations that go with these. It is important we try to recreate these stories through our art, songs and dance so we can maintain and continue our culture whilst keeping our own personal connection.