Ngurra Original
Ngurra Original
Ngurra Original

Ngurra Original

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  • Artist - Maddy Hodgetts
  • Title - Ngurra
  • Size - H:52cm W:52cm D:4cm

Ngurra means home or camp in Ngiyampaa. This artwork depicts the connection we have to one another and to our country. As an Aboriginal person we naturally long for connection to our land and our culture, without this it affects not only our health and well-being but the sustainability of the earth we live on. Strong culture and identity help develop resilience and power within our community.

From cultural knowledge we learn our obligations and responsibility to caring for the land which creates the interconnection amongst all living and non-living things. 

We speak to country, we dance for country, we care for country, and we are apart of our country. Ngurrampaa’ga - Country