Yapa Mali is a collection of my Cultural adornments, designs and textiles as wearable art. The prints depict stories of Country as well as reflecting the importance of storytelling through art. Created and owned by Maddy Hodgetts, a proud Ngiyampaa/Wangaaypuwan and Wiradjuri woman, she aims to embrace the principles of self-determination and explore Culture through creative expression. 

Maddy has been an artist since the young age of 11, learning Cultural art and designs from her Mother. She sold her first artwork at this age and now exhibits and sells her artwork across NSW.
Maddy is a multidisciplinary artist, practicing in Cultural dance, weaving, fashion and language. Striving to sustain strong Cultural identity within her community, she regularly facilitates and delivers Cultural programs and workshops across the Central Western NSW region. 
Creating all her artwork and designs on Country, Maddy aspires to translate traditional Ngiyampaa styles and practices through her work. Maddy launched her label, Yapa Mali, in 2022 to further pursue her passion to showcase her artwork and pieces through fashion.
Maddy will be debuting her first collection this year at Country to Couture in Darwin. As well as attending the National Indigenous Fashion Awards as a nominee in the Traditional Adornment Category. 






Yapa Mali encourages the presence of our Culture in fashion. Each garment includes a story of the artwork and Country it originates from, creating a teaching moment for the wearer. With the exchange of knowledge though fashion we hope to build a better understanding on Culture and contribute to reconciliation and decolonizing the fashion industry. 
We strive to uphold Cultural integrity and values by ultimately protecting and caring for Mother Earth. We choice not to contribute to fast fashion or over production, that actively hurts Country. We avoid this by producing suitable and high-quality garments that can be worn over and over again to limit waste as well as ensuring sustainable work place practices.