Kapata Dreaming offers Cultural art workshops for schools, businesses and community

Art Workshops

Our art workshops focus on introducing our youth to Indigenous artwork and Culture. We will touch base on the following:

  • The importance of Culture and caring for Country
  • Traditional forms of art; Aboriginal rock and cave art, ochres and paint ups. Focusing on Ngiyampaa Art and symbols. 
  • The purpose of Aboriginal art, to tell a story and why
  • Other forms of telling stories through Dance and Song
  • Using aspects of traditional Ngiyampaa art to influence your own contemporary style

      Those who attend will also be able to tell their own story by creating their very own artwork.


      Cultural Adornment Workshops

      Our Cultural Adornment workshops focus on using traditional materials to create wearable art. We will touch base on the following:

      • Learn traditional weaving techniques and contemporary designs to create necklaces, earrings and more. 
      • Use sustainable and Cultural materials such as emu feathers and raffia 
      • The purpose of Cultural adornments for dance and ceremonies 
      • Discuss environmental sustainability through using traditional materials and upholding Cultural obligations.
        Please email for more info.